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Teenage Students Raising Hands
How Can I Help?

Faith Heritage Christian School is committed to involving church members, parents and guardians in our students' school experience. 

Our school would not function without faithful giving of your time and we are so grateful for your willingness to serve as a volunteer. We believe this gives you an opportunity to teach our students-through your example-how to love and serve the Lord. There are so many events, activities, and functions that occur throughout the school year, and we need people to plan, coordinate, and staff them. Please read the following information carefully and prayerfully consider how and where you can fit into the life of our school. Some of these activities require small but long term, consistent time commitments. Others are one day, single shift opportunities. Several jobs you can even do from home!

Please review our list of roles and activities, and find one or several that fit your schedule. Even if you only have an hour or two to spare, we could use your help! Email to let us know how you'd life to help.

Periodic On-Site Volunteering

Pick-up/Drop-off Monitor: Assist with directing incoming and outgoing traffic for pick-ups and drop-offs to ensure the safety of our students and the smooth flow of traffic.

Provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests at any of the following events: Back to School Night, Open Houses, Grandparents Day, etc. Help coordinate food, coffee, linens, flowers.

Decorating: Every event has its own look that requires planning/preparation and set-up of decorations.

Lost & Found Organizer: Manage and sort the collection of items.

Recycling Coordinator: Manage and sort the recyclable items at school on a weekly basis.

After-school Clubs: Have an extracurricular passion or hobby that you'd like to share after-school with our students? We rely on volunteers to head these clubs. We currently have Book Club, Sign Language Club, Spanish Club and Art Club. We would love to have you teach it here!*

After-school Sports: Have a passion for basketball, soccer, or volleyball that you'd like to share with our students? We rely on volunteers for our sports programs. We would love for you to teach it here!*

Occasional Volunteering

Event Set-up/Tear-down: All school events require manual labor for set-up and tear-down. Men and responsible young people are greatly appreciated.

Event Planning Assistant: Work closely and assist with planning school events.

Yearbook Helper: Help to take pictures for class field trips, fun class events, etc.*

Library Helper: Help to sort, label, and maintain library.

School Property Projects: Help at a quarterly workday to improve our school property/facility.

Field Trip Chaperone: Accompany and monitor students to and from any scheduled field trips to ensure a fun, educational atmosphere while maintaining the safety of all students.*

Other Volunteering Needs

Substitute Facilitator: Email for more information.*

Lunchroom Duty: Monitor the students during their lunch time to ensure a safe environment. Assist any student with the purchase of any a-la-carte items available to them. Help clean up between each grade's lunch time.* 

Recess Duty: Monitor the students during recess to ensure a safe, fun environment, and by making sure the students are using the playground equipment properly and safely.*

All Volunteers are to adhere to the the Volunteer Guidelines. Please review these guidelines carefully to ensure the safety of all students and staff. All Volunteers shall be disqualified from volunteering if they are convicted of an act listed under Indiana Code Section 20-28-5-8(c).

*These Volunteer opportunities require background screenings. You must fill out a Volunteer form at the school office and bring a valid ID. These background screenings are reviewed by the School Administrator and Pastor/Principal and must be on file with the school before you can assist in any volunteering capacity that requires a background screening.

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