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Colorful Books

Faith Heritage Christian School utilizes the top-quality, Bible-based education with one of the world's leading Christian textbook publishers Abeka. Learning from Abeka's traditional, time-tested curriculum, each student reaps the benefits of decades of research and development: effectively training the minds and hearts of the next generation.

Biblical Foundation

Teachers and Facilitators share the truth of God's Word not only through stories, songs, and verses in each morning's Bible class, but also through every class taught from a Biblical perspective.

With character-building content that reinforces Christian values and ethics, we place emphasis on developing the person that each student is growing to be.

Colorful Books
Challenging Curriculum

High academic standards and captivating lessons enable each student to reach his or her own highest potential: with the average student achieving above-average results.

Facilitators provide individual attention for students that need a little extra help or are ready to try an additional challenge. They make sure each student understands what he's learning and help take each student's strengths to the next level.

Qualified Teachers

FHCS utilizes Abeka's Master Video Program which is pre-recorded videos of Christian teachers that are highly trained. Every teacher from K5 through 8th grade has at least a bachelor's degree and is certified. They know how to give your child an exceptional education in an exciting classroom environment.


Young Teacher
Dedicated Facilitators

Facilitators are dedicated to providing a warm, exciting atmosphere for your child. They engage and interact with their students to ensure a safe, welcoming, supportive, and productive environment.

When you drop your child off each morning, you can be confident that the facilitator is filling every possible opportunity with learning, fun, and compassionate care.

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Teamwork with Parents

Any time you have a question or just want to hear an update about your child, the Facilitator will be delighted to set up a time to meet with you and make sure your child is getting the help and attention he needs.

At parent-facilitator meetings, held throughout the year, you will see what your child has been learning and find out what's coming up next.

Raising Arms
An exceptional start for lifelong learning

Traditional Phonics: Reading is the foundation of all learning. Using traditional intensive phonics, children move from identifying letter sounds to reading words, sentences, and whole books. Each student is able to read by the end of K5.

Writing in Cursive: Students learn to form beautiful letters with smooth connections, improving their fine motor skills and their understanding of how letter work together.

Cross-subject Integration: What students learn in one subject is seamlessly reinforced in other subjects, helping students remember what they have learned and see its relevance.

Numbers: Kindergartners learn counting and writing numbers 1-100, addition, subtraction, problem solving, time, measure, and even the building blocks of multiplication, geometry, and fractions.

Life Skills: Students love learning about health and safety, doing arts and crafts, studying character traits, meeting community helpers, learning about the world God has created, and developing motor skills and social skills. Your home and car will be filled with the happy voice of your child enthusiastically reciting many poems, songs, and Bible verses learned at school.

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To examine the detailed Scope and Sequence for K5, take a look at the following PDF:

Elementary (1st - 6th grade)
Laying the foundation of knowing and doing

Solid Skills and Knowledge: Elementary is the time when students really begin to build their knowledge of the world around them. They prepare for success in the upper grades by forming superb skills in arithmetic and language arts and mastering their understanding of history and geography, science, health, and the Bible.

Spiral Approach: Teachers build on the concepts students already know and incorporate review and application into new concepts. Concepts are reinforced from subject to subject and from year to year.

Critical Thinking Skills: Students use their strong foundational knowledge to critically think, applying their knowledge to real-life questions and developing their creativity and analytic skills. Doing projects, writing reports, and giving presentations, students discover that learning isn't just about answering questions on a test.

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To examine the detailed Scope and Sequence for Grades 1-6, take a look at the individual PDFs below:

Middle School (7th-8th grade) 
Getting ready for the next step

Solid Transition: The academic offerings and daily schedule serve as a key transition from elementary to high school. Increased extracurricular activities and a growing social awareness bring energy and youthful enthusiasm to the junior high years. At FHCS, your child will also grow socially through participation in extracurricular activities including art, physical education, and library time. 

Character Development. Academics and character development are reinforced in a group setting as students enjoy learning patriotic, traditional, and fun songs in class.

Careful Nurturing. The middle school years at FHCS will nurture your child's academic abilities, social alertness, spiritual awareness, and critical thinking skills as he experiences exciting challenges in an environment that fosters Christian character and an enthusiasm for learning.

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To examine the detailed Scope and Sequence for Grades 7-8 or Electives, take a look at the individual PDFs below:

Start your child on a journey of lifelong learning with excellent Christian academics at FHCS.

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