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Middle School
Grades 7-8

A fundamental objective at Faith Heritage Christian School is to effectively prepare our students for success in each stage of life while applying Biblically sound truth to solidify their faith. In every course, our aim is for students to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts taught in order to increase their usefulness in service to the Lord.

Knowledge acquired throughout these years is used as a stepping stone to attaining cumulative comprehension and solidifying concepts in preparation for high school. Our middle school program incorporates a Biblical worldview in all subject areas and maintains a mutually respectful, well-organized environment, conducive to optimal learning and enjoyment.

Our dedicated teachers and facilitators guide their students through the challenging academic environment with great expertise and grace. 

A crucial task for a middle school student is to become an independent learner and thinker, while rooted in a Biblical worldview. Our facilitators help to shape students into the person God has intended them to be by helping them understand the motivation behind their choices and the habits of their hearts. 

We believe in teaching from a Biblical perspective since clear teaching of the Bible is the foundation for all other learning. All classes use the King James Bible for daily Bible lessons and Scripture memorization. 

Kindergarten and Elementary education programs are also available.

To examine the detailed Scope and Sequence for Grades 7-8 or Electives, take a look at the individual PDFs below:

Start your child on a journey of lifelong learning with excellent Christian academics at FHCS.

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