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Mission, Vision, and Values

Faith Heritage Christian School seeks to provide an excellent educational experience which supports spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, and cultural development in a distinctively Christian environment.


FHCS is committed to producing servants of Jesus Christ who are highly skilled and qualified to contribute to society, and who can influence the world by modeling Christ-like behavior.


FHCS strives to train students to love and respect the Word of God. Every student is taught by born-again Christian teachers and facilitators who incorporate Biblical worldview throughout all aspects of learning and activities.

We seek to instill Biblical character and standards for living which are noble and pure, and which include a love for God and country, self-discipline and hard work, and respect for others.

We are dedicated to providing the finest in academic training with up-to-date teaching facilities, methods, and materials. Individual instruction and close supervision are provided for each student. Appropriately high standards of excellence, mastery of subject matter, and practical application of academic principles are expected of all students.

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